Puppy Activity Bundle

$67.00 $49.50
Get some long-lasting, boredom-busting fun with this Activity Bundle designed especially for growing pups! Containing 3 high quality toys from Zippy Paws, this bundle is built for mental stimulation and problem solving during play. 

ZippyTuff Teether - Perfect for getting through those teething pains, this tough toy is built to stand up to sharp puppy teeth, and rope is ideal for some gentle tugging.
SmartyPaws Puzzler - Make your pup work for their reward with the SmartyPaws Puzzler toy, also perfect for slowing down meal time.
Zippy Burrow - Pups love this hide-and-seek interactive game and can stay entertained for hours with this challenge, over and over again!

Note: No toy is indestructible. Your puppy should always be supervised when playing with toys. Damaged toys should be removed and discarded.

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