Let’s Get Corn-y Waggly Club Power Chewer Box


We know it's corny but this box with a Nylon Corn on the Cob chew toy is a-maize-ing! Get it?

Designed for power chewers, this corn on the cob chew toy is made with ultra-durable nylon to keep your dog entertained and reduce boredom. Smear peanut butter into the cavities to give your dog a treat.

This box contains two bags of Waggly Snacks and a 3-Pack chew treat.

As always, all Waggly Snacks are:
🗸 Grain-free
🗸 Sugar-free
🗸 Chemical-free
🗸 Preservative-free

Box contains:
- 1x Corn on the Cob Chew Toy
- 1x Lamb Puff Cubes 50 grams
- 1x Beef Trachea Pieces 100 grams
- 1x Goat Horn Tips 3-Pack

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