KONG Classic Rotation System x3 Dog Toy

$75.00 $33.75

The Kong Classic might just be the world's most recognised dog toy. This mentally stimulating dog toy offers enrichment by helping to satisfy your dog's instinctual needs.  It's also a great entertainment toy and can help with separation anxiety

  • BOREDOM BUSTING:  This mentally stimulating toy helps relieve boredom and also stress by stimulating your dog's chewing needs while also creating challenging play or feeding.  We recommend stuffing the toy with treats and pastes for maximum engagement
  • ENGAGE YOUR DOG'S SENSE OF PLAY: The erratic bounce makes it easier to get your dog to want to chase and play with the toy by mimicking wild behaviour
  • CREATE A LONG LASTING PUZZLE: Freeze kibble or high-reward treats inside a Kong Extreme to entertain your dog and make them work for their food
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Great for stuffing with kibble, wet dog food, mince or peanut butter (please ensure it's dog safe, first)

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