Tuff Woogie With Rope

$23.00 $14.40

Kazoo is a business embraced by a whole family, for your whole family ? including your cat, dog and other companion animal. The folks behind this Australian business know that pets can enrich our lives, so they are all about making clever and fun pet products to strengthen this special bond.

Soft yet totally strong, Kazoos Tuff Woogies are the ideal interactive dental toy for your dog, with a rope attachment and special channels that wear away tartar deposits while they chew. Tuff Woogies are also covered in little bubbles, which gently massage your dogs gums to encourage better oral hygiene. Lastly, they can be stuffed with treats to keep your dog engaged for longer.

  • Made from soft yet strong rubber with rope handle
  • Inner treat chamber
  • Chew channels wear away plaque
  • Massage bubbles encourage better oral hygiene

Size Guide:
Medium: 8.7cm (height)
Large: 11cm (height)

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