Floatiez Stingray

$24.00 $19.20
The Outward Hound Floatiez are sea-inspired creatures for all types of aquatic fun! Made from quick drying nylon, tennis ball, and noodle foam material inside for maximum buoyancy. Floatiez are also unique in that they float upright making it easier for your pup to find and retrieve during games of fetch toss or training. Each brightly coloured sea creature features a unique squeaker sound to excite and entice your pup to play.

- WATER-FRIENDLY DOG TOY: For pups who adore swimming and splashing around, this is the ideal dog toy! Brightly coloured and buoyant, this toy will keep the fun going without falling flat.
- QUICK DRYING & BUOYANT MATERIAL: Made from quick drying nylon, tennis ball, and noodle foam materials this delightful toy is designed to be convenient while on-the-go and excellent for training your dog how to swim.
- FLOATS UPRIGHT FOR EASY RETRIEVAL: Unlike other dog pool toys, this toy floats upright in the water, helping your dog fetch with ease every time they play.
- A SQUEAKY, FUN FETCH TOY: This sea creature includes an inner silly sounding squeaker that gets activated when bitten or shaken to keep your dog excited while on the hunt during games of fetch, toss, or catch.

Note: No toy is indestructible. Your puppy should always be supervised when playing with toys. Damaged toys should be removed and discarded.

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