CSI Urine Dog Stain and Odour Remover

CSI Urine have created a natural but highly effective bio-enzymatic cleaner with surfactants to tackle the hardest pet stains and related odours. Able to penetrate deep into carpets and fabrics to target stains and odours at the molecular level, the product provides optimal cleaning and complete odour removal. Smart enzymes are able to digest organic matter and can be used on fresh or old stains, with the added benefit of preventing remarking at the site. This product is safe to use around your pets and contains no masking deodorisers. Use CSI Urine to keep your home smelling fresh.

- Enzymatic cleaner & deep stain remover
- Targets stains, odours and prevents remarking
- Safe for use around pets & ideal for use on carpets/fabrics

Ingredients: <5% non ionic surfactants, enzymes, perfumes.

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