Monster Treat Ball Red

$19.00 $15.20

Super Tough Treat Dispensing Toy with a whole swag of clever features.  We love this as an allrounder for power chewers and also most other dog types

  • KIND ON TEETH BUT STILL VERY DURABLE: Can withstand rigorous chewing thanks to the small amount of give designed into the material.
  • NO NOISE: doesn't clatter on hard floors like some treat release toys
  • REWARD HEALTHY PLAY: fill the cavity with your dog's favourite treat
  • SAFE DESIGN: there is an additional (small) hole at the rear of the toy which prevents any kind of seal or vacuum forming (meaning your dog's tongue can't get stuck due to vacuum forces)
  • GLOWS IN THE DARK: Hold the eye up to a bright light for 60 seconds for glow-in-the-dark fun
  • FLOATING and ERRATIC BOUNCE: the toy floats on water and makes a great (noise free) chase game due to the non-uniform shape

Recommended for dogs 8 - 30 kilos

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